About GuruCE

GuruCE offers deep technical knowledge of Windows CE (Windows Embedded Compact) and the .NET MicroFramework. The consultants of GuruCE are among the best in Windows CE BSP & driver development, training and consulting. They help customers overcome the steep learning curve and greatly reduce the time-to-market for their products. Well defined development procedures assure a completely tested and working product within the planned cost and time.

We've got extensive experience with ARM (PXA255, PXA270, iMXS, iMXL, iMX25, iMX53 etc), MIPS (AU1x00, etc) and X86. On those architectures we have implemented drivers for USB, audio, video, network, PCMCIA, DSP, CPLD, etc.

We offer

  • Windows CE/Windows Embedded Compact Board Support Package (BSP) development for your custom hardware design
  • Windows CE/Windows Embedded Compact Driver development for your custom hardware design
  • .NET Microframework porting to your custom hardware design
  • .NET Microframework Native Driver development for your custom hardware design
  • Training on how to develop drivers or a complete BSP with Platform Builder for Windows CE
  • Training on application development for Windows Embedded

As a Microsoft Windows Embedded Official Training Partner for Windows CE we offer the standard or a customized training based on the official Microsoft Windows Embedded Training Materials.

GuruCE has two offices, one at either end of the world. One office is located in New Zealand, the other in the Netherlands. Because of this structure the consultants of GuruCE are available and can work on your project around the clock.

GuruCE New Zealand

Contact: Michel Verhagen
Sales & Technical Support

240 Ohiwa Harbour Road
Opotiki, 3198
New Zealand

GuruCE Netherlands

Contact: Erwin Zwart
Technical Support

Witte Klaverweide 47
Heerhugowaard, 1706 AB