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Today I have downloaded new SDK and trying to install on Windows CE 6.0 installed machine.

At the end I had observed two errors.

Below is the first error.

ToolsMsmCA (Error): IHxFilters filter registration failure:
Err = 0x80040305, Context=pFilters->SetNamespace(Namespace)

Second error:

ToolsMsmCA (Error): IHxRegister session transaction failure:
Err = 0x8004036f, Context=pFilters->CommitTransaction()


The SDK is generated for installation on systems with Visual Studio 2008 installed. You are trying to install it on a system that has just VS2005 installed.

See http://guruce.com/blogpost/installing-ce-60-sdks-on-systems-with-only-vs... for more information about the errors you are seeing.

If you need an SDK for VS2005 we can generate one for you, or you can fix it yourself by following the instructions in the blogpost linked above (using Orca to fix an existing msi).