Here are some customer quotes regarding our iMX6 BSP:

"We are very happy with the results we have seen since switching to GuruCE. We have just finished integrating it with our entire system and it has been very stable which is something that we have not been accustomed to."

KC Atkinson

"I have to say thanks for your good BSP, the code is very good to read and the structure is very clean and easy to follow."

Jens Becker
Software Developer
Siemens AG

"Your BSP has made a big improvement to the reliability problems which we were suffering with our XXXXX-based BSP. We're slowly bringing up drivers and peripherals on our board, but no major stumbling blocks so far. We’re pretty happy with it."

Tim Hutchinson
Software Manager
Videojet Technologies Ltd.

"This is the best EVER I have worked with, seriously."

Mauricio Coelho
Embedded Software Engineer
MCS Kollmorgen

"When we changed to the GuruCE iMX6 BSP, we switched from an unfinished mess of things to a well ordered BSP structure."

Stefano Tubaro
Senior Software Architect

"I tell everyone there is only one i.MX6 BSP I would ever consider using for WEC after having worked with all three."

Gregory Dyess
New Covenant Consulting

"ENET_PHY in COMMON folder is a great idea and the reworked version of ENET is easier to understand. Your BSP is getting cleaner with every version, great job!"

Jocelyn Bedard
Software Developer
ISC Applied Systems Corp.

"I have to say that you have done a good job, the GuruCE i.MX6 BSP is well structured and high performance."

Leon Chow
Senior Embedded Software Engineer

Here are some customer quotes regarding work we have done for them:

"Thanks so much! I know that it would have taken us much longer than a day to get to where you have with this."

John McKell
System Software Manager
Juniper Systems, Inc

"Thank you for your work so far. I have been impressed with your knowledge and capability."

Gary Spence
Chief Technology Officer
Juniper Systems, Inc

"Michael's knowledge of the CE operating system and embedded systems engineering in general was invaluable in completing multiple projects and products. His experience ranks him one of the top in the field. His knowledge of both hardware and firmware provides a realistic view on how to resolve issues. If there's a way to work around a hardware problem in software he'll find it. If there isn't - he's got the knowledge and business sense to acknowledge it so that money and time isn't wasted chasing the impossible in software.

Steven Maillet
Software Architect
Microsoft Corporation