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GuruCE offers training, consulting and development services for Microsoft Windows CE/Embedded Compact and the Microsoft .NET MicroFramework. We've got extensive experience with ARM (iMX, PXA, TI, etc), MIPS (AU1x00, etc) and X86. On those architectures we have implemented drivers for USB, audio, video, network, PCMCIA, DSP, file systems, etc.

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GuruCE releases feature update of their i.MX6 BSP

We have finalized testing and have now published official release 1100 of the GuruCE i.MX6 BSP. This release adds a lot of great new features most of our customers will be very happy to see.

Some highlights:

  • Updated Vivante GPU driver to v5.0.11.p8.3
  • Multi-monitor functionality now working properly for all resolutions on i.MX6 Solo and DualLite processors.
  • Boot splash images can now be stored in the system partition (next to the bootloader and kernel images). No need to have a FAT12/16/32 formatted partition anymore.
  • Background color of boot splash screen now determined by color of bottom right pixel of the boot splash image.
  • Updated CEWriter tool to support flashing boot splash images.
  • Added support for external drives (like SATA connected through USB) to CEWriter.
  • Fixed flickering mouse cursor and bad performance when drawing under the mouse cursor.
  • OpenGL XAML render plugin now working properly.
  • Added support for NAND to bootloader and kernel.
  • Added support for external RTCs (Real Time Clock chips). Currently supported (and runtime auto-detected) chips are ISL1208, ISL2020, M41T0, M41T8x and RV4162.
  • Added PCIe core reset code so PCIe driver works on DualPlus/QuadPlus
  • Changed condition for enabling L2 cache double line fill feature to depend on L2C-310 revision. The i.MX6Solo/DualLite and DualPlus/QuadPlus now all have r3p2, so for those processors the double line fill feature is now enabled, resulting in much better cache behaviour (and better realtime performance on those processors).
  • Added bootshell option for directing clocks to CKO1/2 pads
  • Improved clocking code to now properly control reference counts of static divider root clocks
  • Moved clocking code to more logical place in the BSP tree.
  • Further cleaned up and refactor of large parts of the interrupt code.
  • Further clean-up and re-structure of BSP code and tree.
  • And many more improvements, fixes and new features!

Further details in the release notes.

Even though the GuruCE i.MX6 BSP is already the best performing, 100% stable and most feature-rich i.MX6 BSP on the market today, there are always things to improve or fix and new features to implement.

Here's our wishlist:

  • Reduce power consumption and enable super low power modes (DVFS/suspend)
  • Bring hardware accelerated H.264 video codecs to WEC2013 (not just WEC7)
  • Improve Gigabit network performance
  • Animated GIF bootsplash support
  • Create a solid solution for multi-display touch

As always; if you have anything you want us to add to the list or you want us to prioritize an item on the list: contact us and we'll make it happen.

Don't believe the hype? Try it yourself!

We've got free downloadable evaluation kernels for the Element14 RIoTboard, the Boundary Devices SABRE-Lite, Nitrogen6X and Nitrogen6_VM, the Device Solutions Opal6 (DualLite & Quad), the Digi ConnectCore6, the Congatec Conga-QMX6, the NXP SDP (DualLite & Quad) and now also for the Technologic Systems TS-4900 (Solo & Quad) and the Toradex Colibri.

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