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GuruCE offers deep technical knowledge of Windows Embedded Operating Systems. The consultants of GuruCE are among the best in Windows Embedded BSP & driver development, training and consulting. They help customers overcome the steep learning curve and greatly reduce the time-to-market for their products. Well defined development procedures assure a completely tested and working product within the planned cost and time.


Welcome to the website of GuruCE - The Embedded Technologies Experts!

GuruCE offers training, consulting and development services for Microsoft Windows CE/Embedded Compact and the Microsoft .NET MicroFramework. We've got extensive experience with ARM (iMX, PXA, TI, etc), MIPS (AU1x00, etc) and X86. On those architectures we have implemented drivers for USB, audio, video, network, PCMCIA, DSP, file systems, etc.

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New GuruCE iMX6 BSP release 550 adds support for Freescale SABRE Smart Device Platform (SDP)

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To celebrate GuruCE becoming an official Freescale Proven Partner we added support for the Freescale SABRE Platform for Smart Devices Reference Design (DualLite & Quad) to our iMX6 BSP.

Free downloadable WEC7 and WEC2013 evaluation kernels for the Freescale SDP-DL and SDP-Q, as well as a myriad of other supported boards can be found here.

Some highlights of release 550:

  • Support for the Freescale SDP-DL and SDP-Q
  • Support for the new Boundary Devices Nitrogen6_VM
  • Further cache optimizations to improve real-time performance
  • Full support for Qt 5.5 on WEC7 and WEC2013
  • Better RS485 support
  • Added temperature monitor driver
  • Improved performance of FTP server code
  • Many more improvements, see the Release Notes for all the details

Download our demo kernel images now and see for yourself why no other iMX6 BSP on the market today can compete with the quality, performance and stability of the GuruCE iMX6 BSP!

GuruCE iMX6 BSP video

We've just uploaded a little video showcasing our latest BSP release, have a look:

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