iMX FlexCAN Driver

GuruCE has developed a full-featured high performance Windows CE/Embedded Compact driver for the FlexCAN module found in the Freescale iMX25, iMX28, iMX35, iMX53 and iMX6 processors.

The GuruCE High Performance FlexCAN driver is the fastest and most feature rich CAN driver available for the Freescale iMX processors. The driver supports every feature offered by the FlexCAN module (including hardware frame filters) and has been tested to receive more than 6100 CAN frames per second without dropping any (on an i.MX53 @ 1Mbps)

The High Performance FlexCAN driver is currently in use in several products of our customers, ranging from specialized car CAN analyzers to lift controllers to industrial weighing systems.

The High Performance FlexCAN driver comes with full source code. Included in the price is support (up to 3 hours) to integrate the driver into your iMX BSP. The binary FlexCAN driver can be distributed as a module inside your kernel image without limits. The source is under NDA and can not be distributed outside your company.

GuruCE also offers managed wrappers so you can access the FlexCAN driver from managed code (C#/VB.NET). The managed wrappers support GPIO, SPI, I2C, PWM and FlexCAN and come with full source code.

The Topaz image binaries and BSPs available for download on this page include our standard FlexCAN driver. For customers that require higher speed CAN or more configuration options we offer a High Performance FlexCAN driver supporting many more configuration options and making use of the FlexCAN receive FIFO for uninterrupted high speed reception of an unlimited amount of messages on the CAN bus. It also supports complex filtering schemes so you can block reception of unwanted messages in hardware. The High Performance FlexCAN driver supports all features offered by the Freescale iMX FlexCAN module.

The following chart outlines the difference between our standard and high performance FlexCAN driver:

The standard FlexCAN driver is included in our image binaries, binary BSPs and source BSPs at no extra charge (see this blog post for a usage example). Please contact us for pricing information.