Command Line Build

This post will show you how to create a batch file that will build your Windows CE OS without using the Visual Studio/Platform Builder IDE.

Often the question is asked how to setup an environment which automatically extracts all information from version control and then builds your code. There are a lot of tools that can help you do that: an open source alternative can be found at

To build your kernel without having to use the IDE create a batch file with the following content:

@echo off

"%ProgramFiles%\Windows CE Platform Builder\5.00\CEPB\BIN\pbxmlutils" /getbuildenv /workspace "%_OSDESIGN%" /config "%_OSDESIGNCONFIG%" > SetEnv.bat

call SetEnv.bat
del SetEnv.bat
blddemo clean -q

Note that for CE 6.0 pbxmlutils is located in "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Platform Builder\6.00\cepb\IdeVS\" and you use SET _WINCEROOT=C:\WINCE600

You need to replace the first 3 SET variables to match your specific project:

YOUR_WORKSPACE_FOLDER: Workspace folder which is located under the PBWorkspaces (CE 5.0) or OSDesigns (CE 6.0) folder. This is the folder that contains YOUR_WORKSPACE_FILE.

YOUR_WORKSPACE_FILE: The name of your OS Design workspace; the file with extension .pbxml. This file is located in YOUR_WORKSPACE_FOLDER.

YOUR_OSDESIGN_CONFIG_NAME: This is the configuration name you select in the IDE of Platform Builder, eg Emulator: x86_Release. You can also open your .pbxml file with notepad to find out what the configuration name is (search for Configuration Name).

Happy building!


have a simple method for WinCE 6
Just to click right button on YOUR_WORKSPACE_FILE.pbxml in files explorer
Will show Open build Window & Create Build Window Shortcut

anyway the article is a good job!! thank you!!