GuruCE iMX6 BSP now supporting Boundary Devices Nitrogen6X board!

Our new iMX6 BSP release (r406) now adds initial support for the Boundary Devices Nitrogen6X SBC!

We also did some work on the bootloader (now you can disable the watchdog in the CE kernel from the bootloader, you can test memory and you can inspect some technical info about image defines, clock gates & frequencies and the iMX6 itself). The problem we had with Ethernet on some Sabre-Lite boards has been fixed and UART DMA is now working properly as well, as is ILTiming. While we were at it, we also slightly improved the real-time performance of the kernel and we fixed some dependencies in the catalog.

All in all another great release from the experts at GuruCE! Go ahead and download a WEC7 or WEC2013 evaluation kernel for one of the many supported off-the-shelf development kits and SBCs.