GuruCE releases feature update of their i.MX6 BSP

We have finalized testing and have now published official release 1100 of the GuruCE i.MX6 BSP. This release adds a lot of great new features most of our customers will be very happy to see.

Some highlights:

  • Updated Vivante GPU driver to v5.0.11.p8.3
  • Multi-monitor functionality now working properly for all resolutions on i.MX6 Solo and DualLite processors.
  • Boot splash images can now be stored in the system partition (next to the bootloader and kernel images). No need to have a FAT12/16/32 formatted partition anymore.
  • Background color of boot splash screen now determined by color of bottom right pixel of the boot splash image.
  • Updated CEWriter tool to support flashing boot splash images.
  • Added support for external drives (like SATA connected through USB) to CEWriter.
  • Fixed flickering mouse cursor and bad performance when drawing under the mouse cursor.
  • OpenGL XAML render plugin now working properly.
  • Added support for NAND to bootloader and kernel.
  • Added support for external RTCs (Real Time Clock chips). Currently supported (and runtime auto-detected) chips are ISL1208, ISL2020, M41T0, M41T8x and RV4162.
  • Added PCIe core reset code so PCIe driver works on DualPlus/QuadPlus
  • Changed condition for enabling L2 cache double line fill feature to depend on L2C-310 revision. The i.MX6Solo/DualLite and DualPlus/QuadPlus now all have r3p2, so for those processors the double line fill feature is now enabled, resulting in much better cache behaviour (and better realtime performance on those processors).
  • Added bootshell option for directing clocks to CKO1/2 pads
  • Improved clocking code to now properly control reference counts of static divider root clocks
  • Moved clocking code to more logical place in the BSP tree.
  • Further cleaned up and refactor of large parts of the interrupt code.
  • Further clean-up and re-structure of BSP code and tree.
  • And many more improvements, fixes and new features!

Further details in the release notes.

Even though the GuruCE i.MX6 BSP is already the best performing, 100% stable and most feature-rich i.MX6 BSP on the market today, there are always things to improve or fix and new features to implement.

Here's our wishlist:

  • Reduce power consumption and enable super low power modes (DVFS/suspend)
  • Bring hardware accelerated H.264 video codecs to WEC2013 (not just WEC7)
  • Improve Gigabit network performance
  • Animated GIF bootsplash support
  • Create a solid solution for multi-display touch

As always; if you have anything you want us to add to the list or you want us to prioritize an item on the list: contact us and we'll make it happen.

Don't believe the hype? Try it yourself!

We've got free downloadable evaluation kernels for the Element14 RIoTboard, the Boundary Devices SABRE-Lite, Nitrogen6X and Nitrogen6_VM, the Device Solutions Opal6 (DualLite & Quad), the Digi ConnectCore6, the Congatec Conga-QMX6, the NXP SDP (DualLite & Quad) and now also for the Technologic Systems TS-4900 (Solo & Quad) and the Toradex Colibri.

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