New release of Topaz BSP

We have just released a new version of the BSP (r366).

Here are the fixes/additions in this release:

  • Improved LCD autodetection routines
  • Added support for LCD autodetection in 24LC32+ EEPROMs
  • Added support for backlight configuration in LCD structures
  • Added support for LCD enable configuration in LCD structures
  • LCD autodetection is now an optional component
  • Fixed PWM2 and PWM4 pad settings
  • Added SDK headers and library for PWM
  • Added automatic prescaler selection for PWM
  • Fixed UART4 pad settings
  • Added UART5 DMA support
  • Fixed I2C pad and ALT settings
  • Fixed I2C and USB OTG duplicated pin use
  • Changed driver selection to match DevKit EXP headers
  • Fixed flash in IE