PB 5.0 crash hang dead

Today all of a sudden Platform Builder 5.0 didn't want to load my workspace anymore. Just before I updated the machine using Windows Update so I figured it must have had something to do with that. Platform Builder would start loading the workspace, show "Refreshing the Catalog" in the status bar, then show "Getting variables that correspond with catalog items" and then it would just sit there consuming 50% CPU and not responding to anything else. Luckily I'm using VMWare for all my CE development work so it was easy to revert back to an earlier snapshot before I updated XP. Unfortunately, this didn't solve the problem! I continued my search and after some frustrating hours I found the cause:

A bit earlier in the day I added a whole lot of header files (121 to be precise) to one of my subprojects sources file (using the FILE_VIEW_INCLUDES_FOLDER macro), and this proved to be the problem. After I reverted the sources file back to its previous revision in SVN the project loaded again.

Another one of those Platform Builder 5.0 mysteries solved...