Speeding up the Windows Embedded Compact 7 build process

When you modify something small in your BSP's code and parameter files (like platform.reg) and want to build it, the right way is to right click your BSP and select "Build and Sysgen" (note that this is NOT the demonic Build and Sysgen variant; this merely results in a cebuild -qbsp).

(for a more in depth discussion of what to build when click here)

The downside of this is that if you happened to have just changed your build configuration from RELEASE to DEBUG (or vice-versa), the build system will rebuild all of the SOC folders in the platform common folder.

The default installation of Windows Embedded Compact 7 comes with 7 SOC folders and rebuilding all of these is completely useless and a waste of time (since your BSP only uses 1 SOC folder, if any at all!).

Luckily, we can let the build system know we only want to build the SOC folders we really need by utilizing "OPTIONAL_DIRS".

Here's how:

  1. Change "DIRS=*" in \WINCE700\PLATFORM\common\src\SOC\dirs. to "OPTIONAL_DIRS=*"
  2. Add "set BUILD_OPTIONS=socdir1 socdir2" to your BSP batch file in \WINCE700\PLATFORM\YourBSP\YourBSP.bat (and set the socdir's to the correct foldernames you want to build separated by a space if you want to build more than 1, eg. "set BUILD_OPTIONS=x86_ms_v1")

That's it! A very quick and easy way to speed up your targeted builds.

PS. This also works for CE 6.0 and WEC2013!