Topaz Release 676

We've just released a major upgrade to the Topaz BSP. The main feature we added in this release is support for a boot splash screen. Due to the changes in memory layout you will need to install the new Topaz Flasher and this new Topaz Flasher can not be used with Topaz releases older than r676.

Here's the changelist:

CE 6.0 R3 Release 676

  • Changed version number and product name of Topaz SDK
  • Updated FlexCAN driver source
  • Now turning backlight off after 10 minutes (instead of 1 minute)
  • Fixed serial debug redirection in bootloader (now works)
  • Added boot splash screen support from NAND and SD
  • Added registry setting so NETUI times out quicker on headless configurations

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Note that the latest release can always be found at this link: