Using STL (C++) in Platform Builder subprojects

Sometimes it is nice or necessary to be able to use STL or other C++ features in Platform Builder subprojects. This blog post explains what you need to do to make this work:

In your subprojects sources file, add the following path to _ISVINCPATH:


And add the following lines to TARGETLIBS:

    $(SG_OUTPUT_ROOT)\sdk\crt\lib\ARM\libcpmt.lib  \
    $(SG_OUTPUT_ROOT)\sdk\crt\lib\ARM\msvcrt.lib  \

You can use libcpmtd.lib and msvcrtd.lib for debug builds.

And finally add:


The required libraries are documented here.

After the above changes, the subprojects build the same as standalone SDK projects.

Thanks to Rajiv for figuring this out!