WEC7 September 2020 update woes...

UPDATE May 11 2021:The asset on DPC has been fixed and is in the correct format now.

Here we go again... Update 77 (WEC7 September 2020) is again in the DDP (Disc Descriptor Protocol) format.

Follow the instructions from this blog post to get a working .img file again...

Apparently this is a common problem for many Microsoft updates for a myriad of product, not just the updates for CE... MS/DPC has been notified again.


Hello Michel, thank you. I followed the link and created an .img file out of X22-25869.zip (Update 77). But I encountered an error about "Common_w5_upd77.msp" during the installation. The Error dialog said,

(The package 'Architecture Common Update 77' encountered the follow error.
The attempt to acquire the file 'F:\Update77\OS\Common\Common_w5_upd77.msp' has failed. Retry acquisition of the file?)

What confused me is that file is actually there in that path. I don't know why it failed to acquire. I also tried downloading the zip file again but got the same error.

Did you install the patch successfully?

I think you did not concatenate the files correctly. Click the link in the blog post to see how to do this.

NOTE: It the installer is asking for a file it can't find, it is usually a file from a previous update. In that case, mount that ISO of the previous update so the installer can find that file. Then it will go ahead and of course start complaining that it can't find files from the latest update. So, mount the latest ISO and let the installer continue. Simple! It's a bit of juggling around with mounting ISOs, but it always works.