WEDU endless loop in registration pages problem: solved

When I tried WEDU (the Windows Embedded Developer Update) I was never able to get past the pages where you have to register. After some back and forth with Microsoft it seems you HAVE to select "Yes, I agree" to the question "Do you agree that a Windows Embedded representative may contact you using the phone number or email address provided by you to supply further Windows Embedded Information", even though the options are "Please select from the Following Options", "Yes, I agree" and "No, I do not agree":

See also this forum post.

Initially I selected "No, I do not agree" because I do not want any unsolicited calls from Microsoft or one of my competitors ;). When you select that option WEDU does not throw any warning message, nothing in red, it just simply loops back to the registration page until you select "Yes, I agree".

I think this can be classified as a bug...

So, if you also encounter the WEDU endless registration loop problem; select "Yes, I agree" and say "No, I do not agree" out loud when you select it. That'll do it! :P

UPDATE: If that did not do the trick, you may set the following registry value on your development PC to bypass WEDU registration alltogether:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Embedded Compact\8.0]

Many thanks to Michael Koster for that tip!