Download QFE's

[UPDATE: the links in this blog post do not work anymore. For updated links click here]

How do you find the list of updates available for CE 4.2, 5.0 or 6.0?

The official way is to go to and yes, it does show the QFE's for the various versions but wait...

...there's more!

Like the USB 6.0 webcam source, or the various help updates, or eVC 4.0 SP4, or the run-time assesment tool, or the mainstone BSP update, or ...

All things you may like to download too but that you won't find on the "official" page for downloading CE updates. If you'd like the complete list try these links:

CE 4.2

CE 5.0

CE 6.0

They show you 50 downloads per page sorted from new to old. Handy!

PS. Don't forget to download the QFEInstaller so you don't have to click the QFE installation wizard a million times: QFEInstaller


The CE 5.0 link is broken as of 9/14/2009.

Still working for me... ?

CE 5.0 - re-direct link not available

There seems to be something wrong with the Microsoft search page. Just click the search button on that page again and all the CE 5.0 downloads will come up.