Windows Embedded QFE's (updates)

Since the change to Silverlight/Bing on Microsoft downloads, the download search has become completely useless (for fun, try searching for "CE 6.0", then try "CE") [Update: MS seems to have fixed the search phrase problems, so "CE" and "CE 6.0" now return the correct results. Nevertheless; the remainder of this blog post is still valid]. Therefore the links in this post do not work anymore and an update is needed.

All Windows Embedded Compact 7 / Windows Embedded CE 6.0 / Windows Embedded CE 5.0 / Windows CE.NET 4.2 / Windows CE 3.0 (you can leave it to MS marketing to make product naming as confusing as possible...) updates can be found at these links:

Windows Embedded Compact 7
Windows Embedded CE 6.0
Windows Embedded CE 5.0
Windows CE .NET 4.2
Windows CE 3.0

You can still download the QFEInstaller so you don't have to click the QFE installation wizard a million times, but nowadays the msi installers support silent installation through commandline options as well. The QFEInstaller is still handy because it makes sure the QFE's are installed in the right order.


will qfe installer work through proxy server.

When installing windows embedded ce 6.0 it didn't even started. I had to install it offline as you said( thnx for that).


The QFE installer only installs your QFE's in the right order and clicks all the right boxes for you. It does not download the QFE's from the internet, that's something you have to do yourself. You download all QFE's, then put them all in the same folder as QFEInstaller.exe and you run QFEInstaller to install them unattended.

does windows ce R2 and R3 contains the QFEs

installing them would work or i have to find the updates elsewhere

No, you need to install the Windows CE 6.0 development environment in exactly this order:

  1. Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition
  2. Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1
  3. If using Windows Vista or Windows 7: Visual Studio 2005 SP1 Update for Windows Vista
  4. Windows Embedded CE 6.0
  5. For source code reference you may want to select all processor architectures and accept the shared source license.

  6. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2
  7. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3
  8. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Cumulative Product Update Rollup Package (through 12/31/2010)
  9. Download and run the msi files corresponding to the CPU architectures you installed in step 4.

  10. Any Windows CE 6.0 Update released after that (DO NOT install any updates released before 2011 as that will then overwrite the 2010 rollup package installed in step 7!). In short; Download all updates from this page and use the QFE installer to install those after you've installed R2 and R3

For some reason, the QFE installer stopped after the first QFE in my folder. The update.lst has all the QFE files listed in it.

Yes, that can happen if you were using your mouse while QFEInstaller is working. No problem, just click on the correct button (if a QFE dialog is still open) and QFE Installer should continue. If there's no dialog box open then just kill the DOS box, remove the already installed QFE's from update.lst (but don't delete it) and restart QFEInstaller. It will only install the QFE's still in the list (and not reinstall the ones you already installed successfully).