Offline installation of CE 6.0 R3

I already provided a way to "download once install often" for the Windows CE 6.0 R2 update, and now I've modified the sources to do the same for the R3 update (1.19 GB). Full source and executable attached!


PS. If you have any trouble installing the Windows CE 6.0 R3 Update please let Brian Rogers know by providing feedback on this blogpost. Feedback will make the process better next time round!

Update: Microsoft has made a download available of the Windows CE R3 update in ISO form! Of course you can still use my tool if you want. Sometimes I just wish Microsoft would announce these kind of things...

Package icon DownloadCE6R3.zip39.4 KB


thank you once again for your courteous move !!. It really helps to have a tool like this.

is there any method for offline installing windows ce 6.0 evaluation edition.

When i try to download from internet it gives an error "corrupt package"after downloading 99%.


See the comment by LaurV under the blog post for offline installation of R2. All you need to do is change some lines in the source and run it; full source is included!

thanks again
Achim Busenbender
Wirtgen Windhagen