Offline installation of the CE 6.0 R2 update

The Microsoft installer for the CE 6.0 R2 update is a webinstaller. This means there is no way to download once - install often. Since the complete R2 update is over 1 GB of data it would be nice to be able to download the package to a folder from which you can install the R2 update offline. This is especially handy if you need to install the R2 update on multiple machines.

Another reason would be if you, like me, get errors during installation. When I tried to install the R2 update I got error messages like:

"Error 1335. The cabinet file 'MSI4E0.tmp' required for this installation is corrupt and cannot be used. This could indicate a network error, an error reading from the CD-ROM, or a problem with this package.".

So I dissected the MSI log files and was able to determine some downloaded cabinets were in fact corrupted. The corruption only seemed to occur when downloading using the Microsoft Installer package. When I manually downloaded the cabinets there was no corruption. By looking at the log files I could get a list of all required cabinet files. Since there are quite a few of those cabinets, and I figured this could be handy for more people, I wrote a tool that downloads the entire package from the Microsoft download server into a folder. Once the download is complete (1.1 GB) run the installer (Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2.msi) to install the R2 update. You don't need to be connected to the internet while installing.

Download the tool (including source):

Package icon DownloadCE6R2.zip37.44 KB


A time saver.

Thanks a tonne.I was looking for this for a long time. will have saved my day. I don't have the time to wait for the DVD media order to arrive to get my untethered dev system updated.

Did it?

Add the following code to enable it to download the cabinet filets over a proxy with additional authentification:

WebProxy proxy = new WebProxy("host:port");
proxy.Credentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("username", "password"); //, "domain");
web.Proxy = proxy;

Thanks for the tool..

Cool! Thanks!

And use these lines if you want to use the default credentials and no password in your source-code.

proxy = new WebProxy("proxy", 8080);
proxy.UseDefaultCredentials = true;
web.Proxy = proxy;

works fine.

Thanks your utility is very good & small
i am realy thanks full your your sweat small program

made my life lot easier.

i got the same problems downloading and installing R1 of CE6, and I looked into the logs, found the link to files and wrote a batch file for FlashGet (or CuteFTP, or other dld manager), like:


The whole list you need for an ARM4I install of PB6 (R1) is below (you won't need all the files, the total size that you have to dld is only about 900 megs, all the package is much bigger, but all ce_3_** and ce_4_** are not necessarry, and also wcetk_1, wcetk_7, etc).

So for a standard PB6 you need only: to to to to (if you chosed to install it) to,,

All from the link above. You can modify your tool to get R1 too.

For R2 I directly used your tool, it is much convenient, but the dld speed is a bit slower, as it is not doing the "split-tricks" of FlashGet, hehe...

Thanks a thousand times! Keep the good work.

(P.S. please check your url parser, it is not allowing me to post because my web page does not end in .com :D)


If you need R1 you can of course modify the tool yourself. It includes the source files, so... And yes, it doesn't do fancy split-gets, but it was just a quick fix to an annoying problem ;o)

"P.S. please check your url parser, it is not allowing me to post because my web page does not end in .com"

Not sure what you mean by this or how I can change it. Can you elaborate on what you did or was trying to do?!

I mean when I reply to a post here, I have to fill "your name", "e-mail", "homepage", "subject", "comment". But the "homepage" is parsed for validity and it says is "invalid domain" or so, and I can't post. My web page ends in .th, if I use .com it will work, but the page is fake then (not real).

about modifying the tool by myself, well, thanks :D next time if I will ever need :D

I see. I'll check the script (when I find some spare time).

I have install VS2005.
And install Windows Embedded CE 6.0 from

But as it gets an error message, I had download all the cab files too. But now I don't no, how to install windows embedded ce 6.0 from these cab files.
Plz. help me somebody...

Just run setup.exe...

What is the error? What are you trying to do? The more info you give the better the answer...

Thanks u Michel.
Actually the problem was , I had connected with Internet while running setup of windows embedded ce 6.0.
I had now install VS2005, Win Embedded CE 6, Win Embedded CE 6 R2.
I am a novice user of win ce, a student of MCA. I have a syllabus mentioned below. I can get the notes from microsoft msdn website but how to develop embedded application in win ce. So Plz suggest me any website or book from where i can get the notes as well as learn win ce.

Introduction to windows, platform builder, creating a custom OS using windows, role of OEM adaptation layer, configuration files, boot loader and device drivers, intro. various OS features, Debugging the custom OS, creating and adding BSPs, catalog editor

Creating and exporting MFC SDKs, creating embedded application in VC++, Writing multithreaded applications, Testing multithreaded applications using Remote kernel traker, Synchronization.

Windows architecture, processes and threads, memory management, virtual memory, heap and stack, real time features interrupt latency, nested interrupts, interrupt priorities, priority inversions.

ISR, interrupt service threads, intro. to win device driver development, development of com components, dcom components and activex controls in win, internationalization, introduction to real time communication.


You may want to (pre)order this book:

and of course read every article on this blog, keep an eye on the Microsoft Forums dealing with Windows Embedded Compact and read MSDN. Everything you will ever need to know about WEC is online, but if books are your thing than the above link could be worth a try!

after downloading all the cab files, i run the setup.exe bin file, it tries to connect to internet and gives the error message "cannot find microsoft..........

My pc is not connected to internet.

how do i solve this


It's installing now. But again gives the same error as it gave while downloading online from microsoft site. The error is

ToolsMSMCA(ERROR): Setup package issue or CoreCon DataStore corrupted:CDeviceSDKInstallShim Add/Remove failed. HR =0X80004005


Run the installer with full logging enabled to find out exactly what the problem is: /L*v

Or... MS has released ISO's later to work around the problems a lot of people had with downloading and installing online. Download the full R2 ISO here.

May you know already, but if someone find this problem for some reason the way i was able to resolve that was.
In C: \\ user \ [your user] \ AppData \ Local \ Microsoft \ you have to copy CoreCon from another pc and paste there.
May be there are another solution, this works for me.

I hope this helps

Some file seem to be missing .
Can you share the entire log file for R1 of CE6 .

Thanks and Regards,

thanks a lot
Achim Busenbender
Wirtgen Windhagen

Thank you!

thank you very much!
I've been looking for a tool like this one for weeks, Thanks God! I've got it here

Thank you very much for your tool, I'm downloading all the pack.
But what are the requirement for start to develop a windows application (in C# language) for Embedded CE 6.0 with VS2008 and Vista 64?
I have downloaded the Windows embedded CE 6.0 (not R2) trial edition, it starts to install without problems but I didn't terminate the installation yet because it requires VS2005 and I'm using the 2008 version.

But when I start to install the CE R2 version (with web setup edition) I have this error:
at least one cpu from windows embedded ce R2
after some times.

Is it due to web installation? (I'm downloading your offline version)

Thank you

CE 6.0 R2 is an UPDATE. This means you need to have CE 6.0 installed before you can install CE 6.0 R2.

Or at least describe the process for dummies like me so I can modify the project to do this.


That's just what I needed.. Thanks, Michel!


I want to start application development on device by winCE.

I have installed visual studio 2005 and its service pack 1.
I have download winCE6 r2 from link . I am running setup.exe of Platform Builder Installer Bootstrap. while installation I an getting the error "cound not locate network connection"

I have download from web but now what to do further? one another thing is that installation is taking too much time.. I am installing it since 3 to 4 hours. so please help me.



mine gives an error.
missingmethodexception file or assembly name.,

one or more dependencies not found,

help me please


Is your PC fully updated through Windows Update?

I just downloaded the zip from this site, ran the exe supplied; no problem. I then rebuilt the project and ran it; also no problem.